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Most Popular Articles

 How do I enable TUN/TAP on OpenVZ VPS?

In order to activate TUN/TAP on your OpenVZ VPS log into VPS Control Panel, click the "Manage"...

 How do I Reinstall the OS (Operating System)?

Whether you use a Linux or Windows VPS, SolusVM contains a valuable feature that allows you to...

 How do I install cPanel?

1. Log in to your fresh, clean server install via SSH as root.2. Now, let’s install screen in...

 What happens when my VPS reaches its bandwidth limit?

If your VPS exceeds its bandwidth limit, our system will automatically suspend the service. You...

 What is a VPS and why do I need one?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a server that is...

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